Shibaura SR370EU-S7 3 Gang Reel Mower 2/4WD Standard 7 Blades

39730 – SR370EU-S7


Description of SR370EU

A simple all-round machine for a wide variety of maintenance work .

Multi-purpose reel mower for daily maintenance of in large from sports fields, parks to golf courses.

In token of credibility of product as well as operators’ safety, SR370EU is CE certified




  • Reel units individually follow ground undulations to leave a beautiful finished appearance.
  • 4WD/2WD with speeds up to 16km/h – can quickly move from course to course to shorten working hours.
  • 4 wheels and a low centre of gravity provides maximum stability to safely navigate slopes.
  • HST provides you with higher gradability.
  • Spring-damper system for easy and efficient reel control.


Model Ride-on Reel Mower / SR370EU
Length (mm) 2550
Width (mm) 2030(with reel)
Height (mm) 1400 (steering wheel)
Operating weight 970 (Dry weight 900)
Type Shibaura S773L diesel
Displacement [cm3 (cc)] 1130
Power [kW (PS) / rpm] 16.8 (22.8) / 2600
Fuel tank capacity (L) 28
Traction Drive HST – 2WD/4WD
Shift Control Dual pedal
Ground speed (4WD / km/h) Forward:0 – 8 / Reverse:0 – 3
Ground speed (2WD / km/h) Forward:0 – 16 / Reverse:0 – 6
Steering Hydrostatic power steering
Parking Brake Pedal lock
Front Tires 20 x 10.00 – 10
Rear Tires 20 x 10.00 – 10
Diameter (mm) 178
Width(mm) 660
Number of Reels 3
Number of Blades 7(5)
F Rollers φ80 Grouped
R Rollers φ76.3 Solid
Total width of cut (mm) 1800
Height of cut (mm) 10~60