Shibaura SMA-82 Triple Lifting Vertical Mower

754847 – SMA-82

For fairway renewal work

  • Vertical work can be done more efficiently by PTO drive
  • Easy to move with a three-point lifting type
  • The forward and reverse rotation direction of the blade can be easily changed with a single touch.



Main specifications
Model SMA-82
Airframe dimensions Overall length (mm) 1650
Overall width (mm) 2600
Overall height (mm) 1150
Mass (kg) 480
Drive system PTO drive
Work ability 13,400 (at 8 km / h)
Working width (mm) 2100 (3 stations)
Working depth (mm) 0-30
Working speed (km / h) 5-8
Recommended horsepower [kW (PS) ・ kg] 45PS or more
Mounting method Tractor 3-point lifting type
cutter 17 sheets (1 station), 5 blades