Shibaura SGR-40C Ride On Green Mower

750418 – SGR-100B

Riding Green Roller SGR-40A

From the green to the ground …

Greatly shortens travel time and improves work capacity!

  • Excellent operability and stability with all hydraulic system
  • Uses a specially shaped roller that causes less damage to the turf
Main specifications
Model SGR-40A
Airframe dimensions Overall length (mm) 2050
Overall width (mm) 1300
Overall height (mm) 1370 (excluding roll bar)
Airframe mass (kg) 500
engine Model Vanguard 303447
kinds Air-cooled 4-cycle gasoline engine
Total displacement (cm³) 480
Output [kW (PS)] 11.9 (16.2)
Traveling speed (km / h) 0 to 15
Working speed (mm) 0-8
Roller diameter (mm) 140 (fixed 1), 160 (drive 2 rubber wrapped)
Roller width (mm) 960
Work capacity (a / h) 30-40