Shibaura SG250M Riding Slope Mower with Spool Valve Attachement

752377 – SG250M

Designed with a low center of gravity, strong against slope work, and supports a wide range of work with excellent mower followability.
The safety, operability, and comfort of Japan’s top-class slope work machines have further evolved.


Main specifications
Model SG250A (AL)
Airframe dimensions Overall length (mm) 2495
Full width (with mower) (mm) 1910
Overall height (mm) 1900 (1730)
Mass (with mower) (kg) 970 (930)
engine Model (fuel) N843 (Diesel, EUStageV compatible)
Total displacement (cm³) 1496
Output [kW (PS) / rpm] 18.4 (25) / 2600
Running Drive system HST hydraulic continuously variable transmission (2WD / 4WD switching type)
Shifting L: Low speed (4WD), H: High speed (2WD)
Speed ​​(km / h) Forward L: 0 to 8.0 H: 0 to 16.0
Reverse L: 0 to 5.3 H: 0 to 10.6
more Number of blades (sheets) 3
Cutting width (mm) 1524
Cutting height (mm) 25-110 (11 steps)
Working capacity (m² / h) 6100 (when traveling speed is 5km / h and efficiency is 0.8)
option Awning (roof), ball-proof net