Shibaura Rotary Mower Lightweight 5 Station SM523

Shibaura Rotary Mower Lightweight 5 Station SM523

The lightest 5-row rotary mower in its class equipped with a newly designed rotary deck that achieves a beautiful finish.

Power is transmitted directly with the drive system “SMD” that applies tractor technology.
Achieves climbing power and stable running. Reduce maintenance costs and minimize the risk of oil leaks.

New design rotary deck

Adopts a V-shaped rotary blade that reduces resistance and pursues beautiful cutting. Equipped with an anti-scalp on the enban to prevent galling. The deck is deepened to prevent clogging. There is also a function to control the flying of the cut grass to the left and right.

Easy to adjust cutting height

The height can be adjusted at 3 points per unit (patented). You can easily adjust the cutting height with minimal use of tools.

Equipped with flip-up function

The front (1st) and both side (4th and 5th) units are also equipped with a flip-up function (patented). It is an excellent design for maintenance as it is easy to clean the inside of the rotary deck and inspect and replace the rotary blade.

“SMD” for ideal driving

Shibaura’s proprietary technology “SMD” (Shibaura Mechanical Drive) is a drive system that directly transmits power by combining a gear transmission and HST without using a hydraulic drive motor. Achieved high climbing power and stable running. It also reduces maintenance costs and minimizes the risk of oil leaks.

Adopt deluxe seat

An ergonomic deluxe seat has been adopted to reduce the burden on workers and create a comfortable working environment.
Main seat functions: 3-step height adjustment function, reclining function, weight adjustment function, armrest height adjustment function, high-performance suspension function, headrest (optional)

Equipped with LED lamp

Equipped with a power-saving, long-life wide-angle 18W LED lamp. In addition, the rear has a tank cover that also serves as a fender, and the design is finished in a rounded shape.

Shibaura’s original technology Easy maintenance without DPF

Unlike DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), which requires maintenance such as regeneration and replacement, DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), which allows continuous operation, is used for easy maintenance. Shibaura is the only DPF less.

DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) oxidizes hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in exhaust gases into clean carbon dioxide and water. Furthermore, it is an environment-friendly catalyst that can reduce particulate matter (PM).


Technical Specifications

model SM523P
airframe dimensions Overall length (mm) 3100
Width (mm) Working: 2450 / Moving: 2070
Height (mm) 2020
Mass (kg) 1630
engine model N4LDI-T (Diesel)
Total displacement (cm³) 2216
Output (kW(PS)/rpm) 33.1 (45.0)/2800
running Drive system HST hydraulic stepless speed
shift HST with 2-step sub-transmission
Vehicle speed (km/h) Forward L: 0-11.8, H: 0-17.1
Reverse L: 0-8.3, H: 0-11.9
more Number of blades (sheets) 1 (per unit)
Width of cut (mm) 2278
Cutting height (mm) 20 to 95 (5mm pitch)
number of units Five
Working capacity (m²/h) 16440 (when working speed is 9km/h and efficiency is 0.8)