Shibaura G-FLOW Walk Behind Floating Mower Groomer 22 Inch 11Bld

753523 – G-FLOW22-Omega-S11 (Groomer)

G-FLOW sets a new benchmark for precision walk behind reel mowers. The brief to our engineers “no scalping ever” on undulating greens. Building on Shibuara’s innovative G-EXE model features, G-FLOW’S cutting unit fulcrum point is located in the centre of the reel enabling a stable mower platform for unrivalled performance on undulations. By providing better swing angles in both forward and side to side G-FLOW gives the best contour following capability in the industry. Beautifully defined stripe patterns can be easily achieved with G-FLOW.

Lightest weight (78kg) in its class.

The combined features of GM222/GM262 and G22/G26 ensure the highest quality cut in any conditions.

Feature of G-FLOW22

  • Lightest weight of 96kg for easy maneuverability
  • Exclusive Spinning ball grips for easy and quick turn
  • Patented Floating Head mechanism provides superb contour following ability
  • Ideal cylinder supporting point allows you to keep straight lines even on heavily undulated greens
  • Exclusive easy shift of traveling speed to change clip frequency
  • Patented quick reel unit release for easy maintenance
  • Shortest distance between reel and rear roller to avoid scalping
  • Ideal bedknife position adjustment by Offset Moving System


Model G-FLOW22
Length (mm) 1150
Width (mm) 970
Hieght (mm) 1100
Weight (kg) STD 96
w/o tires, grass catcher
Air-cooled 4 cycle OHC gasoline
Displacement (L) 126.0
Horsepower [kW (PS) / rpm] 3.2 (4.5) / 4000
Fuel tank Capacity (L) 2.7
Mowing speed (km/h) L=4.3 / H=5.5 (3000rpm)
Width-of-cut (mm) 557
Capacity (m2/h) 2100-3400
Height-of-cut (mm) 2-30
Reel Unit
Reel diameter (mm) φ123
Blades 11
Bedknife (mm) Tournament 2.5 (Hi-carbon steel)
F.roller diameter (mm) 60
F.roller width (mm) 584
R.roller diameter (mm) 50.8
R.roller width (mm) 585
R.roller to reel (mm) 118
F.roller to R.roller (mm) 207.5
Off-set settings (mm) 4/6(STD)/8
MODEL Attachment
G-FLOW22-A11STE Grooming Roller (wide groove) – A
G-FLOW22-AC11STE A + Brush Gear Box
G-FLOW22-AD11STE A + Grooming Cutter (wide space) Gear Box
STANDARD for STE model OPTION for all models (STE, TNE, DTE)
Grass Catcher Large Tyre KIT
Small Tyre KIT Light KIT
Hi-carbon Bedknife (2.5mm) High Quality Cut KIT