Shibaura G-EXE22 Walk Behind Greens Mower Thatching 22 Inch 9Bld

753506 – G-EXE22-Omega-C9 (Thatching Cutter)

The next frontier in world tournament standards.
Highest cutting quality with 4-stage adjustment ensures the shortest cutting frequency of 3.5mm.

Adjustable speed (low/high), and pulley (small/large) provides 4 stages of cutting frequency (3.5mm, 4.5mm, 5.1mm, 6.5mm).

Lightest weight (78kg) in its class.

The combined features of GM222/GM262 and G22/G26 ensure the highest quality cut in any conditions.


  • The world’s first Offset Moving System for a wide variety of turf situations: adjustable clearance between bedknife and reel (offset) by changing the bedknife angles.
  • Easy adjustment of frequency by simply switching the pulley (Small/Large).
  • Newly developed transmission for easy switching between High and Low.
  • 4.5 horsepower high-powered engine.
  • Turf grooming for smooth operation with a fine finish.
  • U-Shaped handle for easy operation and handling with integrated controller.
  • Shortest frequency of cut to follow wide variety of undulations in the ground without damaging the green.
  • Quick and easy attachment/detachment of replacement parts for simple maintenance.


Model G-EXE22 G-EXE26
Length (mm) 1100
Width (mm) 970 1055
Height (mm) 1050
Weight (kg) 78(AC・AD 82) 83(AC・AD 87)
Type Robin EX13D Air-cooled 4 cycle OHC gasoline engine
Displacement [cm3 (cc)] 126
Horsepower [kW (PS) / rpm] 3.2 (4.5) / 4000
Fuel Capacity (L) 2.7
Spark Plug BPR2HS
Mowing Speed (km/h) 4.3 / 5.5(3000rpm)
Width-of-Cut (mm) 557 643.5
Capacity (m2/h) 2100~3400 2650~3950
Height-of-Cut (mm) 3(Thin-blade:2)~29(AC・AD 24)
Reel Diameter (mm) Φ123
Blades 9 or 11
Bedknife (mm) 3.5(Head 2)
Ground clearance (mm) STD tire:40 Large tire(Option):57
Standard Accessories
Bucket / Tire / Blade adjustment tool / Height gauge / Plug wrench / Instruction manual / Parts list.