Shibaura CM254V Front Mower 4WD

392710 – CM254V

The CM254 is an excellent professional front mower with 24 HP. Standard, this mower is provided with a safety bracket that can be swung back and a plane floor, which ensures quick access.

The front mower is very user-friendly. The hydrostatic transmission has a low working speed for precise control under heavy circumstances and a road speed for light mowing and transport. The hydrostatic control pedals have a logical position for comfort and ease of use. Changes in direction and speed take place quickly.
The large 51 litre fuel tank allows you to work all day without refueling. This front mower is provided with a double-acting valve in order to quickly mount and dismount accessories (e.g. grass collector).
CM254 is furnished with a comfortable seat, which can be adjusted to the weight of the driver.

Mowing quality
The front mower is equipped with a hydraulic weight transfer. This means that during mowing, part of the weight of the mower is transferred to the front axis of the machine, which boosts the machine’s tensile force on slopes.
CM254 is provided with an automatic and permanent four-wheel drive. Under difficult mowing circumstances (wet or on slopes) the differential lock can be activated by means of a pedal, in order to get the same traction on both front wheels for better control.
The mower can be placed vertically without disengaging the power take-off, this makes it easy to service the mower and sharpen or change the blades




Hydrostatic with 2 groups

Engine type

3 cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine STAGE V

Engine power

23,8 hp – 17,6 kW

Engine model


Engine brand


Front tyres


Rear tyres



2200 rpm, with lifting safety


Forward: 0 – 23,6 km/h
Reverse: 0 – 9,6 km/h

Power steering


Four-wheel drive

Can be activated automatically or permanently from the seat


Oscillating mounting


750 kg