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Ride-on Slope Mower SG280 is designed for mowing on slopes to enable you to finish your jobs faster and easier. A high-efficiency Shibaura N843 engine complies with exhaust emission regulations.

The mower is equipped with a horizontal rolling seat capable of adjusting to an incline of up to 25 degrees for your quick and easy operation.


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Macarthur Mowers and Marine have been the back-bone of our School’s supply and servicing of Mowing equipment for the last 28 years, and we have generally purchased on their advice and subsequent demonstration of product. After seeing the Shibaura SG280 in action last year, seeing it’s ability to climb and mow on steep banks, it’s speed on the flat, and the quality of cut in any conditions, we had no option but to put our faith in this excellent Japanese-made mower. Also, supporting our judgement was knowing the after-sales service that we knew we could expect from Macarthur Mowers.

John Vardy

Plant Manager

ST.Gregory’s College


7th January 2013.

We have a lot of steep areas to mow here at the Aged Care Facility Stockton, and we had to purchase a mower that we knew would be safe for our operators. The Shibaura SG280, being certified to mow safely at angles up to 30 degrees, out-performed other mowers that we had demonstrations on, and has been probably the best mower that we have ever purchased. We are a long way from Macarthur Mowers and Marine in Camden, but distance has never been a problem for them, giving us a couple of demonstrations, then delivering the mower and providing operator training and certificates for each operator. Their service has been first class and I would recommend their business to anyone. And the Shibaura SG280, what a mower. Exceptional.

Brett Eldridge

Grounds Manager

Aged Disability and Homecare Facility


28th July 2013.



We purchased a Shibaura SG280 Slope Mower from Macarthur Mowers and Marine in November last year, and mainly on the strength of our family having dealt with them for over 25 years. We have been more than impressed with the mower, as it has far-exceeded our expectations, especially as it is a new Brand, and a new model in the marketplace. One of the reasons that we purchased the mower is the back-up service that our business has always received from Macarthur Mowers over the years, and the fact that they have always sourced high quality equipment for sale to Contractors like ourselves. I would honestly recommend this mower to anyone wishing to purchase a quality Commercial Ride-on with the SG280’s unique capabilities.

Peter Watson

Rodmar Landscaping Services


5th August, 2013



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